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The history of Warren County begins with the American Indians between 11,000 and 12,000 years ago. The site of the oldest known permanent habitations in the eastern United States is located in the County along the South Fork of the Shenandoah River. White men first appeared in the Shenandoah Valley in the mid-1600's. Warren County was first settled around 1730. Many of the County's early settlers were Scots-Irish and English Quakers.

Warren County was situated at the intersection of land and water trade routes. Supplies and manufactured goods came through the Blue Ridge Mountains through Chester and Manassas Gaps. At the confluence of the North and South Forks of the Shenandoah River, much of the early agricultural produce of the Valley was loaded onto barges for shipment to the coastal ports. The Town of Front Royal was eventually established at that river port in 1788. Leadership and military manpower were the major resources supplied by Warren County and other Shenandoah Valley communities during the Revolutionary War. Pig iron, grain, leather, flour meat, fruit vegetables, and lumber were other valuable resources furnished to the Colonial cause.

Warren County began to boom in the early 1800's. The wars in Europe created a need for breadstuffs and brought a quick change from a tobacco-oriented economy to the raising of wheat. The County was officially founded in 1836. It was formed from parts of Frederick and Shenandoah Counties. Front Royal has been the county seat from the beginning. In 1840, Warren County had a population of 5,627, one-fourth of which were slaves. The first railroad made its way into the Shenandoah Valley in 1854 by way of the Manassas Gap and Front Royal.

Warren County was of strategic importance during the Civil War because of its agricultural productivity, its transportation links with Winchester to the north, and its links with eastern Virginia by way of the roads through Chester and Manassas Gaps and the vital Manassas Gap Railroad.

Historic BuildingThe Battle of Front Royal, on May 23, 1862, was one of the Battles in General Stonewall Jackson's famous Valley Campaign. In that battle, Confederate forces defeated 1,000 Union soldiers to capture a military supply depot, the Manassas Gap Railroad, and the strategic bridges over the two forks of the Shenandoah River at Riverton. The Civil War destroyed most of the buildings in Warren County, but the soil could still be farmed and the County soon began to attract investors to develop local natural resources. By the 1890's, the County had again erupted in a flurry of activity. An enormous vineyard had been started near Front Royal, and iron, copper, and manganese were discovered within the County. Lime works had been founded in Riverton in 1869. Manufacturing also soon expanded, with sumac, tanning, and leather industries regaining the importance they had previously known. Other industries included tinning and cigar production. By 1900, Warren County's population had reached 8,837.

The two most important changes in Warren County during the 20th century have been the construction of two large manufacturing plants and the growth of tourism. In 1937, construction began on the American Viscose manufacturing facility. This chemical-textile plant in Front Royal was at one time the world's largest producer of rayon. The U.S. Government operated the plant during World War II, producing materials to aid the war effort. FMC, Inc. purchased the facility and operated it into the mid 1970's. An FMC management team, led by Mr. John Gregg, executed one of the first leveraged buyouts in the United States. The new company was named Avtex Fibers-Front Royal, Inc. The rayon plant was the economic mainstay of this community for several decades. It was the largest employer within the region for over 20 years. Several major layoffs decreased the workforce from approximately 1300 in 1988 to 468 at the plant's closing in November 1989. In 1980, a division of the duPont Corporation was established in Cedarville near Front Royal. Paints for the secondary automotive market is manufactured at this facility. In 1989, with the closing of Avtex Fibers, duPont became Warren County's largest employer. Skyline Drive SignSince 1994, the Front Royal-Warren County Economic Development Authority has successfully recruited manufacturing, distribution, hospitality and technology companies for an investment of more than $180 million and the creation of 1,400 new jobs. Warren County has long attracted tourists and seasonal residents, who have come to the area because of its climate, accessibility to major cities, and scenic beauty. Major tourist attractions include the Shenandoah National Park, the Skyline Drive, the Shenandoah River and the Skyline Caverns.

A Rich History

In the beginning, John Lederer, saw Front Royal in 1760 as "the frontier" when he first stood atop Manassas Gap and looked west into the Shenandoah Valley. The origin of the name Front Royal is one with no definitive answer. Conjecture and legend are often used to explain. One theory is that the village at the time was located at the frontier of the royal lands. On "Muster Day," local militia was called to town to practice military drills. The drill sergeant didn't always have the best luck in getting militia to follow his commands and when a simple "about face" would not get them in the right direction he would shout, "front the royal oak," referring to a prominent tree in the town square. The name Front Royal may be derived from that very phrase. Front Royal's location made it of strategic significance to both North and South during the Civil War. General Lee and his men, to get to Gettysburg, used roads and bridges used to carry goods. Stonewall Jackson began his famous Valley Campaign with the battle of Front Royal on May 23,1862. From ornate architectural elements on its buildings, cobblestone walkways, specialty stores and friendly people, you can't help feeling nostalgic. You breathe a sense of the past while seeing small town life at the crossroad of the 21st Century economy.

Sense of Community

Nestled in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Downtown is fortunate to be surrounded by a scenic paradise filled with community spirit. Approximately 30% of the landmass in Front Royal-Warren County are dedicated to parks and green areas. The northern entrance to Skyline Drive and Shenandoah National Park bring more than 400,000 visitors annually. The second most popular tourist attraction is Skyline Caverns and third is Civil War sites, buildings and artifacts. The Front Royal-Warren County Chamber of Commerce, a strong 500+ member-based organization, offers among other benefits; a local legislative alert, Business After Hours programs, and many special events - a business-to-business networking, TradeFest; Virginia Wine & Mushroom festival; and the Blue Ridge Oktoberfest to name a few. The Blue Ridge Arts Council holds a unique cultural place in our community with a variety of musical, theatrical, artistic and special series venues for art lovers and artisans of all ages. In addition, 57 churches of varied denominations, many strong civic organization and the Samuels Public Library offers much opportunity to foster community. The Warren County School District and Warren Memorial Hospital/Valley Health System are other vital links. And, let's talk kids! Scouting, 4-H, Little League baseball, Little Gridders football and youth soccer groups and just a few ways the youth are involved in our area. For all of the above reasons and many more, we celebrate the joys of small town living.


* Average January temperature 32°F
* Average July temperature 73°F
* Average annual rainfall 39.25"
* Average annual snowfall 27.40"


* Awaiting 2000 Census figures from EDA


* Warren Memorial Hospital, part of Valley Health System, is a 131 licensed acute-care bed facility with 40 nursing home beds in the Lynn Care Center, 68 medical/surgical beds, 7 long term care bed, 8 intensive care, and 8 obstetrics. The BirthPlace Women's Care Center and Emergency room are new additions to the facility.
* Other area hospitals include a 408-bed acute care center in Winchester and a 600-bed facility at the University of Virginia Hospital in Charlottesville.
* A wide and comprehensive array of family and specialist practitioners.
* St. Luke's Community Clinic
* Complimentary healthcare practitioners to include:
* massage therapists
* chiropractors
* acupuncturists
* nutritionists


Public Schools (awaiting updated figures from 2000-2001 school year)
* Five Elementary o E.Wilson Morrison o A.S. Rhodes o Leslie Fox Keyser o Ressie Jeffries o Hilda J. Barbour
* One Middle School o Warren County Middle School
* One Junior High School o Warren County Jr High School
* One High School o Warren County High School Private Schools
* Randolph-Macon Academy Colleges & Universities
* Christendom College Labor 50% of Warren County residents commute to jobs out of the area; many are high tech workers looking to work locally.

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